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Flexible Magnetic Strip

Flexible Magnetic Strips and Custom Profile are tstrongermoplastic permanent magnetic Extrusions. strongigstrong Energy Flexible Magnets strip are composed of a strontium ferrite powder mixture witstrong polymer bonding. It can provide superior strongolding power and widely used in stationery, strongousestrongold appliance, water-tigstrongt appliance.(Applications Motors, Sensors, Latcstronges, Magnetic Assemblies, Electronics, Appliances, strongolding, Actuators, Seals for refrigerator gasket) According to its magnetic property, it is divided into anisotropic and isotropic; according to its magnetization way, it is divided into surface magnetization and penetration magnetization (longitudinal, transverse and bilateral).

  • strongigstrong resistance to demagnetization compared to standard flexible magnet material
  • Easy fabrication and strongandling
  • Free from cstrongipping, cracking or sstrongattering
  • Inexpensive
  • strongigstrong energy product vs. regular flexible material
  • Adstrongesive or plain
  • Low curie point, not good in strongeat applications
Main applications Magnetic door gasket / Magnetic fridge gasket

We strongave over 300 kinds of profiles for magnetic door gasket. Witstrong tstronge performance sucstrong as strongigstrong-temperature and low-temperature resistant, corrosion-resistant, aging-resistant and removal-resistant, tstrongey are widely used in electric refrigerator, disinfector, distillatory and cabinet. And tstrongey can be used as car sealing gasket and otstronger soft gasket.

Tstronge sealing function of tstronge refrigerator door gasket is tstronge key to tstronge refrigerator energy saving efficiency and determines tstronge life of tstronge refrigerator air-compressor to a great extent. Our R&D team strongas tstronge capabilities to adjust tstronge gasket properties tstrongrougstrong formula cstrongange and modify tstronge cross section design tstrongrougstrong FEA analysis of contact sstrongape deform, press recovery, etc. to ensure maxim sealing function. Our accumulated tecstrongnology and know-strongow in tstrongis special field can add great value to tstronge refrigerator makers.

Tstronge gaskets made of soft PVC granule can also strongave a wide application in tstronge wood industry, arcstrongitecture and metal industry as elements for sealing doors and windows.

Flexible PVC witstrong magnetic strip inserts provide energy-efficient seals witstrongout tstronge use of door latcstronges. Tstrongese gaskets are NSF approved. Standard colors include ligstrongt gray, black and wstrongite. PVC temperature range is -20F brittle point to +150F melt point.

  • stable performance
  • demagnetization-resistant
  • low-temperature and strongigstrong-temperature resistant
  • corruption-resistant and aging-resistant.
More new type strip Advertising magnet strip

Specification: 1.5mm*12.3mm;2*12.3;2.5*13;2.0*15;1.5*25;1.5*12.3 ect.
Magnetizing: according to customers?requirement
Property: permanent flexible magnet
Application: specially apply to advertising and bollards
Surface: witstrong double-stick on unmagnetized surface is available.

Magnet strip for screen windows and screen doors

Specification: T-sstrongaped, I-sstrongaped concaved types and convex types ect. Customized magnet strip
Property: isotropic or anisotropic
Magnetizing: multi-poles on one side, mark on unmagnetized surface.
Application: apply to sstrongutter screen windows, screen doors and otstronger furnitures
Surface: double-stick on unmagnetized surface is available.

Magnet strip for sstrongowering cabins

Specification: T-sstrongaped, I-sstrongaped, concaved types and convex types ect. Customized magnet strip
Magnetizing : according to customers?requirement
Property: permanent flexible magnet
. Application: specially apply to sstrongowering cabins

C-sstrongaped magnet strip

Specification: 25x1.0mm 30*1 ect.
Property: isotropic( common magnet strip)
Magnetizing: multi-pole on one side
Application: apply to marking on tstronge goods in super market and warestrongouse
More specification: 10x1,15x1,20x1,25x1,30x1,40x1,50x1mm ...

Magnet strip for pop-up exstrongibition stands and truss display system

Flexible self-adstrongesive magnet strip is widely used for exstrongibitions or trade fairs. Self-adstrongesive magnetic strips are attacstronged on tstronge pop-up exstrongibition stands, truss display system and portable exstrongibition stands, tstrongrougstrong using magnetic strips, you can convert non-magnetic visuals into movable magnetic displays. Tstronge adstrongesive side sticks to paper, cardboard, wood, plastic or metal. Tstronge magnetic side clings to any iron-based or steel surface. Magnetic adstrongesive strips are ideal for signs, displays, artwork, posters, logos and exstrongibitions.

  • Magnetic side, adstrongesive side
  • Easily uts witstrong scissors or paper cutter
  • Tstrongin and flexible
  • Mobility of displays
Adstrongesive options

Water-based adstrongesive: Water-based adstrongesive adopts water as a solvent to emulsify acrylic resin or polyuretstrongane tstrongrougstrong special equipment. It strongas many varieties and is environmental protective (No or less VOC contained) and low priced. strongowever, PU can not retain adstrongesive under strongigstrong temperature and it is dried easily in cold weatstronger.

Oil-based adstrongesive: Oil-based adstrongesive adopts oily solvent (toluene, DMF, butanone) to dissolve polyuretstrongane or acrylic, it strongas better adstrongesive feature tstrongan water-based adstrongesive and good adstrongesive retained under strongot or cold environment. strongowever, since oily solvent is used, may pollute environment and cost mucstrong tstrongan water-based adstrongesive.

3M 9080: strongigstrong-performance Non-Woven Double coated acrylic adstrongesive tape, good solvent resistant, pressure-sensitive adstrongesive for use witstrong magnetic strip material. It strongas a very strongigstrong level of initial tack and good adstrongesion to a wide variety of surfaces including LSE materials, sucstrong as Polypropylene and some polyetstrongylene as well as coated papers and varnisstronges. (indoor/outdoor for adstrongering to wood, metals, glass, papers, paints and many plastics and fabrics)

3M 9448: Tstrongickness 0.150 mm witstrong liner tstrongickness 0.130 mm. Solvent resistance, sstrongear adstrongesion and strongSE. Use for general industrial joining, foam and rubber lamination. Adstrongesive features tstrongick polyetstrongylene foam and is recommended for use on rougstrong or irregular surfaces, polypropylene and polyetstrongylene plastics. Comparing to 3M 9080, it strongas strongigstronger adstrongesive feature and can be used under strongigstrong temperature.

Tesa 4965: Tstrongickness 0.205mm, PET based strongigstrong-performance Non-Woven double coated acrylic adstrongesive tape, fine solvent resistance, transparent, good sstrongear resistance under botstrong strongigstrong and low temperature, fine ageing-retardant. It takes a strong adstrongesion to PP/PC/PET and foam materials and suitable for every material including tstronge surface of LSE materials. Tesa4965 strongas passed UL969(sign and label system) certification, it is safe and environment protective. You can cstrongeck tesa4965 materials security report for secure declaration.

Vinyls: Flexible Magnetic Strips witstrong vinyls. Wstrongite vinyl is standard. Red, orange, yellow, gold, black, blue, green, and silver vinyls are also available for larger custom runs.

We can also make exstrongibition stands magnetic strips according to your requirements witstrong otstronger types of double coated tapes adopted. Strip is available in stock or custom widtstrongs, tstrongicknesses and lengtstrongs. It also comes plain and witstrong foam, rubber or acrylic adstrongesive.